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Worm Gear Hose Clamps

Use worm gear hose clamps from Kingsun Hose Clamp Factory to help secure many types of hoses. A general-purpose worm gear hose clamp is interlocked to prevent shearing, while clamps used for exhaust have no holes, helping them prevent marring of the hose and fumes escaping. Stainless steel worm gear hose clamps resist rust and corrosion and can be used in humid or damp conditions. 

  • 9/16" Band Width Clamps
    9/16″ band width clamps have more sealing surface and have a wide range of applications, from household applications and vehicle repair to heavy industrial. The bands have clean punched rectangular perforations that hold strong and connect easily.
  • Miniature W1 Hose Clamps
    Ningbo Kingsun Hose Clamp Factory Stainless Steel Mini Clamp Min. 5/16" Band Width,the 5/16" Band Width Clamps(mini Clamps) are especially suitable for the smaller dimensions of plastic and rubber hose. Mini clamps have an unbroken band with rounded edges.
  • SS316 Stainless Steel Worm Gear Hose Clamps 9/16”
    There are multiple applications:
    Plumbing - connections for dishwashers, garbage disposals, water softeners, and air conditioning;
    Irrigation - secure poly tubing, stabilize risers to stake;
    Home - clamping various items together (atennas, automotive, poles, various DIY clamping).
    And other household applications and vehicle repair to heavy industrial.
  • Miniature W2 Hose Clamps
    W2 Hose Clamps,mini Hose Clamps,5/16" Band Width Clamps
    The 5/16″band and housing are made of in stainless steel SS300, screw in carbon steel with zinc plated. Small enough to install in very tight places. Strong enough to give a tight, lasting seal that won’t shake loose. Applications: hose and tubing, fuel lines, air lines, fluid lines, etc.
  • SAEJ 1508 Perforated W2 American Type Worm Gear Hose Clamps
    Ningbo Kingsun Hose Clamp Factory is a direct manufacturer specialized in producing hose clamps series, clamp include worm gear hose clamps,heavy duty hose clamps,quick release clamps,mini hose clamps,rubber lined retaining clamps,spring clampswire clamps,ear clamps,exhaust clamps,special clamp and rubber lined pipe clamps.stainless steel V groove pipe clamp and Germany type, American type, British type hose clamp etc.
  • SS300 Stainless Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamps 9/16”
    Series 300 stainless steel band helps provide resistance to corrosion in marine environments;
    SS300 stainless steel miniature worm drive hose clamps, 9/16”-- stainless steel screw resists corrosion;
    SS300 stainless steel miniature worm drive hose clamps, 9/16”-- miniature size for small hoses installed in confined spaces;
    SS300 stainless steel miniature worm drive hose clamps, 9/16”-- band width of 5/16” better fits small hoses than larger widths.
  • Stainless Steel Clamps With Thumb Screw Perforated Band
    Stainless steel clamps with thumb screw perforated band with 1/2”(12.7mm) and 8mm band width - suitable for many high corrosive environments.
    Butterfly screw - No need screwdriwer to tighten the clamp. The screw housing is a mechanical locking system which improves effective tightening and helps early sealing even at low torque values.
  • 316 SS Non-perforated Hose Clamps - 11.7mm Band Width
    These 316 SS non-perforated hose clamps clamps are specially designed for use with soft silicone and rubber hose applications making them ideally suited for radiator hose applications.
    All stainless steel construction provides an excellent level of corrosion resistance that suits under bonnet applications at an affordable price.
  • German Type Hose Clamps, Stainless Steel, Band Width 12mm
    Non-perforated bands are significantly less susceptible to breakage.
    All non-perforated german type hose clamps are designed to provide high clamping force and 360°sealing force around the hose when tightened. Their high quality design allows them to be reused many times.
  • Stainless Steel Clamps With Thumb Screw Non-perforated
    Stainless steel clamps with thumb screw non-perforated Feature:
    1, Turn key hose clamp,easy twist by handle
    2, Comply with Germany standard with Non-Perforated band
    3, Smooth band inside to protect hose surface from damage
    4, Round edge,no burr, no deformation,can be reused
    5, Wrest resistant and high crushing strength
    6, Corrosion resistant,and protects the rubber surface is not damaged
    7, Low free torque
  • German Type Hose Clamps, Stainless Steel, Band Width 9mm
    The German type hose clamp with non-perforated design helps to avoid scratching the hose surface during installation. Thence, the effect of protecting to avoid gas or liquid leaking from the tube.
    Stainless Steel Hose Clamps are designed to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting, inlet/outlet, and more when harsh environmental conditions may adversely affect the clamping application and used where corrosion, vibration, weathering, radiation, and temperature extremes are a concern,stainless steel hose clamps can be used in virtually any indoor and outdoor application.
  • 316 SS Non-perforated Hose Clamps - 9.7mm Band Width
    Box contains 10 pieces of perforated hose clamps,our hose clamps are designed for industrial applications such as plumbing, agriculture, automotive and suitable for all types of hoses.

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