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  • How to choose the right grade of stainless steel for your clamps?

    There are many types of hose clamps,different sizes, and the scope of application also touches all aspects. From small water pipes at home to large industrial pipes. At present, various grades of stainless steel clamps and clamps with different coatings have appeared in response to the rust, weathering and other problems that the clamps face. The price is also different due to the manufacturing cost, so for the stainless steel clamps used in different scenes, besides knowing which type of clamp should be used, do we also know how to choose the different stainless steel grades of each clamp? How to choose the most suitable clamp within a reasonable cost range? Read More

  • How to install and tighten the hose clamp?

    To install the hose clamp, first measure the size of the clamp required for your hose, and then select the appropriate clamp. According to the conditions of use, whether to choose embossed band clamps or perforated hose clamps. How to measure can refer to: How to choose the right size of the hose clamps? Match the type and size of the clamp to the diameter of the hose to be fixed. The width of the clamp should not exceed the hose connection, and the length of the band should be greater than the diameter of the hose, but it should not be too long. The extended part after clamping may cause the risk of scratching to the human body. Read More

  • What is the DIN3017 hose clamp?

    DIN3017 has specific subdivision standards according to different types of hose clamps. The standard includes the specification of the width range of the throat hoop steel belt, the static starting torque AD value, the static nominal torque PD value, the strip tension value and other parameter ranges. There are requirements for tightening scope, technical processing and so on. Read More

  • How to choose the right hose clamp installation tool?

    How to choose the correct tightening tool for different types of hose clamps, and the skills to use different types of tools. Read More

  • How to choose the industrial hose clamps?

    Industrial hose clamps are also known as heavy-duty hose clamps, generally divided into the following types:high torque hose clamps, constant-torque clamps, t-bolt hose clamps, spring loaded t-bolt clamps, v-band hose clamps, robust clamps (high strength clamps), one bolt hose clamps, double bolt hose clamps. Read More

  • The exhaust pipe clamp in the car exhaust system

    The most common exhaust hose clamps in the car platoon system,U-bolt exhaust hose clamps will shrink the pipe and it is difficult to disassemble the exhaust pipe components. But in practice, you don’t need to disassemble the components, so standard U-bolt vent clamps are often used by people. Can prevent exhaust gas and noise leakage. It is removable and reusable.Kingsun exhaust clamps are used in different applications to meet the needs of today's cars. These clamps are made of high-quality steel, which is durable and has a long service life. Our exhaust clamps are tightly sealed. If you need different types and sizes of exhaust pipe clamps, please contact us! Read More

  • How to remove ear clamps?

    Ear crimp hose clamp are also called stepless ear clamps, which are mainly divided into traditional single ear hose clamp, 2 ear crimp hose clamp, and adjustable ear tube clamp.Do you know how to remove the ear type hose clamp? Read More

  • Requirements and skills of hose clamps connecting pipes

    Hose clamps are used to fasten the connections between soft and hard pipes. Nowadays, hose clamps of various sizes and types have been produced, and they have been widely used in various piping systems to meet the connection and compensation of piping systems. There are requirements and skills of hose clamps connecting pipes. Read More

  • Recognized as the most perfect hose clamp-spring t bolt hose clamps

    what is the best hose clamps in the world? Spring t bolt hose clamps, known as the best hose clamps in the world, is an upgraded version of t bolt hose clamps with constant torque. It can be fully tightened 360 degrees without dead ends, and has a strong tightening ability, which can be used on any type of hose. But it is not as well known as traditional worm drive hose clamps. Now spring t bolt hose clamps are becoming more and more popular among professionals. People are pleasantly surprised to find that it has super perfect fastening force when applied to high-precision hoses. In the aviation industry, racing, off-road vehicles and other industries are increasingly replacing traditional hose clamps with spring t bolt hose clamps. Read More

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