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Choosing the right clamps for automobile

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-21      Origin: Site

There are many internal pipe connections in the car, such as oil pipes, water pipe connections, air conditioning pipe connections, turbocharger and three-way catalytic converter connections, turbocharger intermediate connections, and muffler connections.

How to choose the most suitable clamp can be comprehensively considered according to factors such as the pipe material, the characteristics of the use environment, the required torque, the bandwidth, the presence or absence of lining, the clamping diameter and the range.

For plastic interfaces, because plastic materials are harder and have less deformation, such as air pipes and fluid pipes, they are especially suitable for perforated worm gear hose clamps. These hose clamps with holes have a larger sealing surface and a wide range of applications. , From home applications, car maintenance to heavy industry. The band has a clean rectangular perforated punch, sturdy and easy to connect.

perforated worm gear hose clamps

If the interface is small, we provide miniature perforated hose clamps with a hole, which has a shorter shell and is easy to install in a narrow space. Mini clamps with a bandwidth of 5/16 inches (8 mm) are common general uses in small hose applications, including emission control devices, fuel lines, and vacuum hoses. The 5/16 inch strap and low enclosure allow installation in narrow areas.

 miniature perforated hose clamps

For general automobile pipelines, lined worm gear hose clamp can be used. All lined worm drive hose clamps are made of stainless steel. Good flexibility and adjustable size range. The worm gear mechanism adjusts the diameter of the clamp to accurately apply the sealing pressure. The hose clamp fixes the hose in a narrow space to prevent fluid leakage. Easy to tighten or loosen, easy to install.

They have a variety of designs and distribute even pressure on the circumference of the hose to bind it to the fitting. The universal worm-driven hose clamps are interlocked to prevent shearing, while the clamps for air exhaust are non-porous to help prevent hose damage and smoke escape. The stainless steel worm drive clamp can prevent rust and corrosion and can be used in humid environments. The lined stainless steel clamps and galvanized steel screws provide maximum protection for silicone and other flexible hoses, while providing a true concentric seal. The bushing protects the surface of the hose and prevents it from being squeezed or cut through the notches when tightening the clamp.

Suitable for hoses and hard pipes that convey oil, gas, and water. The surface of the hose is uniformly stressed, 360° sealed, and the narrow edge makes the tightening force more concentrated, and the product weight is small. The dimensional change caused by the temperature change of the fastener is compensated, and the fastening effect is as usual.

lined worm gear hose clamp

If it is a rubber interface, you can use a smooth non-porous belt and flared edges to prevent the soft rubber hose from being cut or squeezed during installation. The internal surface of the steel band is smooth without perforations or raised spots that might scratch the hose. The british type non perforated hose clamps band is round and uninterrupted. These non-perforated hose clamps clamps are specially designed for use with soft silicone and rubber hose applications making them ideally suited for radiator hose applications.

british type non perforated hose clamps

But if you are worried about the loss of sealing due to the damage of the hose caused by the heat shrinkage and cold expansion of the radiator, we recommend using a constant torque hose clamp, and there are more stable and high-strength spring loaded t-bolt clamps.

constant-torque clamps

In a turbo engine, the radiator prevents the engine from overheating by pumping liquid coolant throughout the engine. Failure of the fixture may result in a loss of boost pressure, or even a hose burst, which is extremely dangerous if the car is running at high speed.

Most radiator hoses are made of silicone rubber. Silicone is one of the best materials for radiator hoses. Due to the characteristics of the material, we need to use clips that will not cause damage. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a clamp with a smooth inside that will not damage the rubber tube.

Considering that the use environment is a heat-dissipating component, the rubber will expand and contract due to the increase and decrease of temperature. If a fixed-position clamp is used, the material of the hose will actually move out of the clamp to release the pressure. This phenomenon is also called cold flow. This means that with the passage of time, due to factors such as vehicle vibration, cold flow, etc., the seal provided by the fixture will become worse and worse.

Therefore, based on the above considerations, the most suitable are constant tension clamps. These clamps are designed to clamp it to the hose with ideal tension so that the coolant can flow easily and will not leak. 

Spring loaded T-bolt clamps