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Ningbo Kingsun Hose Clamp located in Ningbo China, we are responsible for the manufacture of the complete range of hose clamps, including special clamps manufactured according to customers’ specifications. Our products are exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, Etc. We provide competitive price and high quality hose clamps to satisfy customers. Our products are praised highly by customers home and abroad. To protect the environment, all of our products and packages are acceptable by SGS , RoHS and REACH.


We are responsible for the manufacture of the complete gange of hose clamps,

Including special clamps manufactured according to customers’ specifications.
We manufacturer stainless steel and steel worm gear, worm drive and specialty hose clamps for almost all industrial and commercial hose application including auto, industrial, plumbing, agriculture, marine, and heavy duty market.
Hose Coupling  used to provide a positive and significant seal between pipe and fittings, which can be installed quickly and easily.

Specializes in manufacture and sales of high quality nylon cable ties and stainless steel cable ties.

Our Products Are Exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia , Etc. We Provide Competitive Price and High Quality Hose Clamps to Satisfy Customers.



Our Products Are Praised Highly by Customers Home and Abroad. To Protect The Environment,
All of Our Products and Packages Are Acceptable by SGS , RoHS and REACH.


Our Products Are Praised Highly by Customers Home and Abroad.
How to choose the right grade of stainless steel for your clamps?

There are many types of hose clamps,different sizes, and the scope of application also touches all aspects. From small water pipes at home to large industrial pipes. At present, various grades of stainless steel clamps and clamps with different coatings have appeared in response to the rust, weathering and other problems that the clamps face. The price is also different due to the manufacturing cost, so for the stainless steel clamps used in different scenes, besides knowing which type of clamp should be used, do we also know how to choose the different stainless steel grades of each clamp? How to choose the most suitable clamp within a reasonable cost range?

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Why should buy Kingsun worm gear hose clamps?

At present, the sales volume of automobiles has increased sharply, and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the automobile industry chain have developed rapidly. The body part of a car is composed of more than 3000 sheet metal layout parts and more than 500 exterior and interior trim parts.

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Choosing the right clamps for automobile

Considering that the use environment is a heat-dissipating component, the rubber will expand and contract due to the increase and decrease of temperature. If a fixed-position clamp is used, the material of the hose will actually move out of the clamp to release the pressure. This phenomenon is also called cold flow. This means that with the passage of time, due to factors such as vehicle vibration, cold flow, etc., the seal provided by the fixture will become worse and worse. Therefore, based on the above considerations, the most suitable are constant tension clamps. These clamps are designed to clamp it to the hose with ideal tension so that the coolant can flow easily and will not leak.

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Do t-bolt clamp hold better than regular hose clamps?

Kingsun T-Bolt hose clamps use locking nut with nylon insert.Band and bridge in stainless steel SS300, bolt and nut in carbon steel with zinc plated, or all in 300 series stainless steel. Our T-Bolt Clamps have four solder joints, which are stronger, and the belt curling design will not cut your hands. The high-quality stainless steel and heavy belts provide T-Bolt Clamps with a long service life.If you need a hose clamp with strong fastening ability or good sealing, t-bolt clamp is your best choice.

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How to choose the right size of the hose clamps?

Hose clamp size refers to their clamping diameter range, which is listed as a minimum and maximum useable diameter. To determine the size needed, install the hose on the fitting or pipe (which expands the hose), measure the outside diameter of the hose, then select a clamp that accommodates that diameter in about the middle of its range.

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  • Q: What’s your turnover last year?

    A: 15 Million US dollars.
  • Q: Can we visit your factory?

    A: Yes, very welcomed.  
  • Q: Where are you?

    A: Ningbo China.
  • Q: How many shifts does your factory run?

    A: One or two.
  • Q: How many employees in your factory?

    A: 200+
  • Q: What’s minimum order qty?

    A: Any qty acceptable.
  • Q: What is your payment terms?

    A: L/C, T/T
  • Q: What is your lead time?

    A: 35days for standard product


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