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Hose clamps types

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-31      Origin: Site

The difference between most hose clamps is the fastening bolts and the hose clamp bands. Knowing the difference between them can better choose the type of hose clamp you need.

It can be divided into four categories, Screw hose clamps, Spring hose clamps, Ear clamps and Wire hose clamps.

Screw Hose Clamp

Screw clamps can be divided into two categories according to the tightening position. The biggest feature of Screw clamps is that the hose clamp is passed through the buckles, tightened by screws, which can apply a lot of force and can be used repeatedly.


Worm Gear Hose Clamps

Worm Gear Hose Clamps, as the most typical screw-fastened hose clamp type, has a variety of subdivided types. With the extension of the application scenario, more and more details change.

In the fastening screw part, the hexagonal screw is easy to tighten with tools,and there is a standard slotted or Phillips grooves inside, which is convenient for tightening with a screwdriver in narrow places.

Hose clamp bands have Perforated Clamps and Non-Perforated Clamps types. Non-Perforated Clamps are divided into hose clamp bands smooth and hose clamp bands with threaded types to provide different hoses. The smooth inner belt has low friction, but it will not cut the hose due to external force and long-term use to protect the hose.

1.2band 5.16band Lined-clampsnon-perforated-clamps-german-type

Drive Constant Tension Clamps

To maintain a constant tightening force, the main reason is that the bolts are composed of spring-like metal sheets. It can be applied to pipelines that will alternate between cold and heat, and can resist the weak deformation of the pipeline caused by thermal expansion and contraction, which can compensate for the leakage problem.

The end of the bolt is a hexagonal screw part for tightening. It is a heavy-duty hose clamp, suitable for condensing pipes, pipelines of ships, etc.

constant-torque clamps

High Torque Hose Clamps

High torque hose clamps are the strongest worm drive clamps made,  Quadra-Lock construction provides high torque. Because of the Quadra-Lock construction. Exceed all SAE requirements.They are used in automotive, heavy truck,marine and industrial applications,also available with lined band to protect soft silicone hoses.

High torque hose clamps

None of the above hose clamps are spot welded. All parts are stamped parts and formed at one time, which can better prevent corrosion when used in water pipes and ships. And their hose clamp bands have a wide range of adjustment. The hose clamp bridge passes through the bolt part and extends from the other end. The process of screwing the screw is actually the bolt part "advance" on the hose clamp bands, extending behind the bolt. The more hose clamp bands there are, the shorter the hose clamp bridge to achieve the purpose of tightening. The outside part of the hose clamp bridge can be shortened according to the actual situation.

The bolts and hose clamp bands of another type of hose clamp are different from the above types. They have no hose clamp bands that can extend all the way. The hose clamp bands are actually composed of two hose clamp bands of different sizes spliced into a complete circle. The hose clamp bands in the upper half are approximately one-fourth of the entire hose clamp. One end of the two segments is welded by spot welding and can be rotated at the origin. The upper part of the hose clamp bands is welded with a screw to form a hose clamp bridge. The hose clamp bridge can be opened like a cover, and the other end is connected with the welding part on the hose clamp bands by bolts to form a whole. Different from the above-mentioned hose clamps, this type of bolt is an open and strong "machine screws". By tightening the Hex Nut, the length of the screw can be shortened, and the upper hose clamp bands will always move inside, with one end constantly moving. Approach the other end to reduce the diameter to achieve a tightening effect. Therefore, this adjustment range is affected by the length of the screw and the length of the movable hose clamp bands of the upper half, and the adjustment range is relatively small. But due to this welding process and strong screw, this is very suitable for fastening large pipes.

Stainless Steel T Bolt Clamps

T-Bolt Hose Clamps is the most typical representative. By adjusting the nut to achieve the purpose of tightening, can provide uniform sealing. Spring Loaded Hose Clamps is an upgraded version of T-Bolt Hose Clamps. The front end of the screw is equipped with a spring to provide a more constant tension.

Spring loaded T-bolt clampsT-bolt clamps

V-band Hose Clamps

V-Bands Hose clamps is designed for flanged joints, which is performance engineered for long-term durability and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Designed for a wide variety of automotive, industrial and marine applications. V-groove can be manufactured to OE specifications and are made to order.

V-band clamps

Double/One Bolt Hose Clamps

Very sturdy hose clamp, Double Bolt Hose Clamps can be tightened at the same time from both ends, providing stronger tightening force. Solid metal rollers complement the strength of the bands.

Power clamp(One bolt)Power clamp(Two bolts)

The bridge connection of the screw clamp can be fully opened, which is more suitable for narrow places and more convenient for installation.

Ear hose clamps

As a typical fully enclosed hose clamp, it cannot be reused. A part of the hose clamp band is raised. Use a clamp tool to squeeze this raised "ear" to achieve a tightening effect. Ear clamps include double ear clamps, single-ear clamps, and adjustable ear clamps that provide a more widely used effect. Adjustable ear clamps can adjust the length of the laryngeal hoop, add more details than a single ear clip. Continuing the advantages of the ear-throat hoop, an interlock is added to the steel belt to maintain a uniform force on the hose. Before the installation is closed, the interlocking structure can also be opened for radial installation. Suitable for clamping small diameter pipes.

two ear clampsAdjustable ear clamps

Spring hose clamps

Spring hose clamps is the best choice for hose spigot systems that are exposed to significant temperature fluctuations. Once installed, their dynamic spring properties ensure an automatic re-tensioning effect over long periods of time. Installation is very convenient. Squeeze the two tabs with pliers to open the clamp. Loosen the pliers and the clamping spring will close, applying pressure to the hose.

spring clamps

Wire clamps

The wire stainless steel clamp is a ring made of two steel wires. Similar to spring hose clamps, it has a certain tightening force under natural conditions, and the tightening effect is achieved by tightening the screws.

Wire clamps

More types of hose clamps

Bridge Worm Drive Hose Clamps

The Bridge clamp is developed due to requirements from the ventilation sector and also for applications involving fume, woodchip and dust extraction for a clamp suitable for spiral hose incorporating an outer helix. 

bridge worm drive hose clamps

Quick Release Clamps

Quick release worm drive clamps are good for closed system applications where the clamp must be disengaged to be applied. Rapid advance,pre-clamping,customized length,this clamp provides you with an adequate response any problems which occur. They can be used in general purpose, mild-corrosive environments, cable bundling and hanging of light weight signs.

quick release clamps Bquick release clamps A

U Bolt Clamps

It is designed specifically for use in automotive exhaust applications.

It is used to join safely and securely two metal tubes subject to constant high temperatures and vibration .

Exhaust clamps

Butterfly Hose Clamps

With a handle that can easily rotate the screw, it is very suitable for household use, and can be installed and opened without tools. are designed for home, garden and DIY applications. No tools are required. 

THUMB SCREW CLAMPS(Non-perforated band)

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