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Comparison of stainless steel hose clamps in auto cooling systems

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-05      Origin: Site

In the pipelines of automobile cooling systems, such as water tank cooler system, internal combustion engine cooling, oil cooler system, intercooler system, etc., stainless steel clamps are required to ensure the sealing of the medium in each cooling system and maintain the normal operation of the cooling system.

Performance characteristics of commonly used stainless steel clamps

Double steel wire clamp

Clamp material

cr3+ coating under RoHS & REACH standard. And the screw types are available in hexagon head and flat head screw.


The double-wire clamp is a ring-shaped clamp surrounded by two steel wires. Its advantages are easy to use, strong locking force, 360-degree leak-free sealing, good sealing performance, and economical price. The disadvantage is that the force-bearing area is only the surface that the steel wire touches, and the hose is easy to cut after tightening for a long time.

Wire clamps

American clamp


We provide five types of american clamp: clamp bands and clips are carbon steel galvanized, all 300 stainless steel, all 316 stainless steel, Band and housing in stainless steel SS300, screw in carbon steel with zinc plated four types of clamps.


In order to prevent the double steel wire from cutting the hose, a perforated worm gear clamp appeared, commonly known as the American clamp. The American clamp increases the force area and fundamentally avoids the disadvantages of the band cutting the hose. The disadvantage is that the hole of the clamp cannot clamp the hose after tightening, and the hose may squeeze out of the hole, which will still cause certain damage to the surface of the hose. It can achieve small specifications, small free torque, high tightness of solid sealing efficiency, and very high passability. The most widely used standard product for the connection of general oil, water and gas hoses in automobiles, industries and households.

American hose clamps

German type clamp


We provide five types of German-style clamps: carbon steel with zinc plated, 430 band & housing plated carbon steel screw, all 430 stainless steel, all 304 stainless steel, all 316 stainless steel.


In the pipeline connection, in order to make the clamp band to better protect the hose without damaging the surface of the hose, a toothed worm gear clamp appeared, commonly known as a German clamp. The band of this clamp is not perforated and the edges are rolled up, so it will not cause any damage to the hose when connected.


T bolt spring clamp


We provide four types of T bolt spring clamp: use lock nuts with nylon inserts, stainless steel SS300 belts and bridges, galvanized carbon steel bolts and nuts or full 300 series stainless steel.


One of the biggest features of the double wire clamp and worm gear clamp is that the clamp cannot be adjusted adaptively. In the cooling pipeline system, the double-wire clamp and worm gear clamp cannot compensate for the gap caused by the aging of the hose, the elastic deformation of the hose itself, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the hose, resulting in varying degrees of leakage in the pipeline. It is caused by the aging of the hose material itself, the change of the medium temperature and the structure that the clamp cannot adjust the clamp tightly by itself, and must be tightened twice manually. Then there is a T-bolt hose clamps with a spring installed at the clamp head. The energy is stored by compressing the spring during installation. When the hose is loosened, the spring releases energy to compensate, so that the pipeline system is always in a tightened state. Although the T-bolt hose clamps can release the stored energy through the spring to compensate for the gap caused by the aging of the hose.

Spring loaded T-bolt clamps

The tightening range of the T-bolt spring clamp is determined by the length of the T-bolt, so a large number of specifications need to be designed to cope with the connecting pipelines of different diameters, so we provide various sizes of T-shaped clamps.

The self-adjusting tightening ability of small T-springs is not good. For large-diameter piping systems, T-spring clamps have a better connection effect. Small-size clamps have smaller arcs. T-bolts must be bent. After the bent T-bolts are tightened, bend Fatigue will appear at the place, and it will be slowly straightened. The straightened bolt indirectly releases most of the spring energy used for compression, resulting in poor spring adjustment or even failure when the pipeline becomes loose.

The use of spiral spring to provide a certain constant pressure and compensation ability, high limit torque. The adjustable tightening range is small.

It is used to prevent leakage caused by vibration and temperature changes. It is widely used in the intake and exhaust and cooling systems of heavy trucks and engineering vehicles.

High torque hose clamp


We provide all in carbon steel with zinc plated, band and housing in stainless steel ss300, bolt in carbon steel with zinc plated, all in ss300 and all in ss316 four types of high torque hose clamps.


The high-torque hose clamp is superimposed on the bolt head with multiple sets of butterfly spring gaskets. When tightening, the butterfly gasket is compressed to store energy to compensate for the gap that occurs after the hose is loosened. The gasket clamp integrates the worm gear clamp and The advantages of the T-shaped spring, so the gasket clamp has a wider adjustment range.

High torque hose clamps is the strongest worm drive clamps made, because of the Quadra-Lock construction .Exceed all SAE requirements.They are used in automotive, heavy truck,marine and industrial applications, also available with lined band to protect soft silicone hoses.

High torque hose clamps

Spring clamp


We provide 51CRV4 spring clamp.


The steel belt elastic clamp is currently the most widely used type of clamp for the cooling system pipeline of passenger cars. This clamp is surrounded by a steel belt into a ring-shaped clamp, which is completely supported by the clamp. Elastic tightening for tightening. The working principle of the steel band elastic clamp is different from that of other clamps. It can adjust the tightening hose adaptively, and it can compensate for the looseness of the gap more directly. After tightening under normal temperature conditions, the elastic steel belt is unfolded in a high temperature environment; at low temperature, the energy of the elastic steel belt is released and the hose is tightened again. The advantage of this kind of elastic clamp is that it can protect the hose very well and will not damage the surface of the hose, so it is very suitable for the connection of softer hoses. In addition, larger or smaller specifications can be achieved. It has a large range, the disadvantage is that the tightening force is limited, which cannot achieve a large tightening force, and the production process requirements are high. The steel strip material must undergo strict heat treatment, and the production cost is relatively high.

spring clamps