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Do t-bolt clamp hold better than regular hose clamps?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-18      Origin: Site

The T-bolt clamp is the strongest hose clamp. T-bolt clamps are designed for high-strength, long-term stable connections.

Compared with other clamps, T-bolt clamps have the following characteristics.

Smooth inner band

The T-bolt clamp has no holes inside, which will not scratch the hose and the hose clamp will be embedded in the hose due to vibration and other factors, which will cause the hose to cut and scratch. Therefore, at this point, the T-bolt clamp is leak-proof Sex is very good.

Curved T-bolt clamp

Uniform force, no stuck points, floating bridge type tightening, easy to install, directly on the hose, easy to remove, and can be reused. However, for this reason, the size range of the T bolt clamp is relatively small, and it must have the correct size when in use to make it work properly. Compared with worm clamps, T-bolt clamps are easy to remove, provide 360-degree wide tension, and are very durable.T-Bolt Hose Clamps are a hose clamp equipped with a t-bolt which can be tightened by a hex-nut.

Wider strap

Provides a larger contact area, provides excellent system stability, and makes the clamping force greater. At the same time, it will not cause leakage due to the embedded hose, and provides a very firm clamping force. The thicker metal in the belt means higher strength and longer service life.

T-Bolt hose clamps are designed to provide connections without leaks. They are typically installed in truck exhaust or air inlet and water hoses, motorcycle exhaust systems, marine applications, irrigation system hoses, water pump hoses and filter bags. Band edges are rounded to protect the hose.

T-bolt clamps

T Bolt Clamps are used where gear clamps do not provide adequate strength. They have a large size range and are tightened with a standard socket wrench. The band has a beveled edge which helps to prevent damage to the hose cover when tightened.

Therefore, compared with other hose clamps, the t bolt hose clamp has a strong fastening ability but does not have elastic fastening force. The clamping range is smaller and the size of the correct clamp needs to be measured.In response to this problem, Kingsun provides you with flexible T-bolt Clamps-spring loaded t-bolt clampsspring loaded t-bolt clamps are designed to compensate for fluctuations in all types of hose line assemblies. When temperature and/or pressure changes cause hose lines to expand or contract,  adjust accordingly to provide constant band tension,provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Widely used variety of automotive, industrial and marine applications.

Spring loaded T-bolt clamps

Kingsun T-Bolt hose clamps use locking nut with nylon insert.Band and bridge in stainless steel SS300, bolt and nut in carbon steel with zinc plated, or all in 300 series stainless steel.

Our T-Bolt Clamps have four solder joints, which are stronger, and the belt curling design will not cut your hands. The high-quality stainless steel and heavy belts provide T-Bolt Clamps with a long service life.If you need a hose clamp with strong fastening ability or good sealing, t-bolt clamp is your best choice.