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How to remove ear clamps?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-24      Origin: Site

How to remove the ear type hose clamp?

Ear crimp hose clamp are also called stepless ear clamps, which are mainly divided into traditional single ear hose clamp, 2 ear crimp hose clamp, and adjustable ear tube clamp. Amount of ear deformation allows for different diameters.

Non-adjustable ear clamp

It is important to note that you cannot use clamps, anyway you will only tighten the clamps. Ear clamps cannot be reused, unloading can only be done by destroying. A cutting tool should be used to cut at the position of the ear. You can use a side cutting tool. Note that at the moment of cutting, the ear clamp may suddenly open due to the sudden release of pressure. It should be noted that the ear clamp may be injured if the ear clamp releases the pressure instantly. If you use the cutting rotor, be careful not to hurt your fingers due to the impact of the ear crimp hose clamp on the cutting rotor at the moment it collapses. Note that the use of electric cutting tools must be equipped with professional protective gloves.

cut ear hose clamp

The installation of the ear clamp is also very convenient. Choose an ear clamp of a suitable size and directly use the ear clip pliers to clamp it at one time.

Single ear clamp, single-use. With double ear clamp, both ears may tighten the clamps.

What are the adjustable ear clamp?

The diameter of the adjustable ear hose clamp can be adjusted by a multi-position interlocking device to adapt to a larger diameter range to be fixed on hoses of different sizes. Our adjustable ear clamps have five adjustable external interlocks. When installing, adjust the adjusting part first, and then use ear clamp pliers to clamp it at once.

ear clamp pliers

Remove the adjustable ear clamp

If it is an adjustable ear tube clamp, break it from the end of the ear clamp strap. You can use a screwdriver tool to lift the end of the strap of the adjustable ear clamp to separate the tab of the adjustment function from the strap, and then the ear clamp can be removed.

remove ear hose clamp

Our stainless steel ear type hose clamps are made of high-quality stainless steel materials, with sophisticated manufacturing technology, and the finished product has been strictly inspected, safe and reliable, strong in rust resistance and fastening, and durable. Variety of designs and materials available.