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Operating instructions for spring hose clamp

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-25      Origin: Site

What is the spring hose clamp?

The spring hose clamp is a constant-tension clamp without spring loaded. It is simple and light and handy. 

The most common application:

The spring hose clamp is a default clamp used by most auto manufactures to clamp the automotive cooling pipe


It automatically adjusts for the temperature. When the pipe expands or contracts in response to the changing temperature, the spring hose clamp can still provide a perfect seal.

The spring hose clamp versus the lined worm hose clamps

Many people think that the spring hose clamp may not provide a perfect seal and it's difficult to remove the spring hose clamp without a suitable tool and the clamp may pinch fingers.

The advantage of the spring hose clamp: it clamps even pressure all the way around flexible pipes, for example, the plastic pipe.  As for lined worm hose clamps, when tightening the screw, the clamp can only be adjusted to certain diameters; hence, if used to clamp a flexible pipe, the pipe may be deformed or distorted.

When it heats up and cools down the spring hose clamp still clamps tightly. But, the should be tightened again after the pipe is cooled down to avoid leakage.  

Besides, for the rubber pipe, the spring hose clamp adjusts to fit it well despite its shrinkage after longtime use, whereas the  will be loose. 

The spring hose clamp is inexpensive.

How to use?

The spring hose clamp has two "ears". Squeeze the two ears to get them close to each other, the clamp will expand to fit pipes with bigger diameters. Move the clamp to the right position and loosen the ears,  the clamp will clamp the pipe and the installing is done.  Some clamps might get stuck and fail to revert back when expanded to the maximum limit. If this happens, you can use tools to deal with it, and the clamp will revert back immediately. Remember not to put your hand on the clamp in case you get pinched. 

The best hose clamp pliers

You must learn to use the hose clamp pliers, because the hose clamp is used nearly in each car and it is usually installed tightly in somewhere quite narrow. It's difficult to remove the clamp because the slippery surface makes it hard to squeeze the "ears". To avoid the annoying mistake, you must learn to use hose clamp pliers.

pneumatic hose clamp plier set/Remote Ratcheting Hose Clamp Pliers 

The pliers have a cable attached to each of the ends, and the cable has special equipment with which you can squeeze the "ears". The ratchet lock attaching to the handles can lock the handle when you squeeze them so that the pliers will not loosen when you loosen your hand. The equipment can enter narrow corners, for example, the heat sinks. When you need to release the equipment, just release the ratchet lock.