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Recognized as the most perfect hose clamp-spring t bolt hose clamps

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-13      Origin: Site

what is the best hose clamps in the world?

Spring t bolt hose clamps, known as the best hose clamps in the world, is an upgraded version of t bolt hose clamps with constant torque. It can be fully tightened 360 degrees without dead ends, and has a strong tightening ability, which can be used on any type of hose. But it is not as well known as traditional worm drive hose clamps. 

Now spring t bolt hose clamps are becoming more and more popular among professionals. People are pleasantly surprised to find that it has super perfect fastening force when applied to high-precision hoses. In the aviation industry, racing, off-road vehicles and other industries are increasingly replacing traditional hose clamps with spring t bolt hose clamps.

Spring loaded T-bolt clamps

Advantages of spring t bolt clamps

  • Spiral spring design increases its torque and better torsion resistance.

  • Specially designed bolts combine the integration of space and improve work efficiency.

  • Stainless steel material, polished edges and corners, to prevent scratches and wear on the surface of the fixed pipe.

  • The floating bridge design effectively protects the integrity of the fixed pipe fittings.

T bolt hose clamps vs worm gear hose clamps

T-type hose clamps are very suitable for trucks, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, off-road vehicles, etc. Turbine hose clamps are usually used on most hoses, such as fan-heated hoses. But t-bolt hose clamps are much wider than worm gear hose clamps. Some people prefer to use t-bolt hose clamps instead of worm gear hose clamps on the cold pipes of off-road vehicles, so as to obtain a higher fastening effect and improve the experience of vehicle acceleration.


Generally, traditional hose clamps with components after tightening, because the screw part close to the hose band is straight, uneven pressure after tightening will compress the hose, making it deformed into a oval circle. The fasteners of t bolt Clamps are in the form of screws and are designed for floating bridges. They are located on the upper part of the throat band. The fastening force is uniform and will not be squeezed and deformed, which effectively protects the integrity of the fixed pipe. The tightening effect is better and will not cause leakage.

The perfect hose clamp supplier

The perfect hose clamp should have the following points: They are the most advanced production technology, quality and function. Kingsun hose clamp has been committed to the research and production of hose clamps, production technology and quality assurance since 1996. Our hose clamps have been recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Our t-bolt hose clamps have four solder joints. Although it looks unsightly, it actually makes the connector more stable and has stronger performance. Prevents leakage in heavy applications. The smooth surface and wide hose band can prevent the hose from being cut and scratched like traditional hose clamps. Can extend the service life of hoses and hose clamps. Stainless steel is the ideal t-bolt hose clamps. Installation is simple and safe.

We provide customized services to provide perfect solutions for your troubles with products.

Solution case

 As customer's special request, we improve the standard product with special band thickness and width.