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The exhaust pipe clamp in the car exhaust system

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-29      Origin: Site

What is a pipe saddle clamps?

Pipe saddle clamps are suitable for fixed pipelines with oil, water, and gas as the medium in the hydraulic systems of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, vehicles, ships, electric power, and other machinery. After being made, it will have a "U" font style. The U-shaped pipe clamp has a simple structure, beautiful appearance, durability, and easy disassembly and assembly. U-shaped pipe clamps have unique advantages such as vibration reduction, sound absorption, sound absorption, and abrasion resistance. 

It is composed of a pipe clamp body, nut, and gasket. The pipe saddle clamps can be used for guiding and guiding the direction. When we don't want to fix the pipe, but we want it to move or slide in one or several directions, we will use the guide bracket.

The most common exhaust hose clamps in the car platoon system

U-bolt exhaust hose clamps will shrink the pipe and it is difficult to disassemble the exhaust pipe components. But in practice, you don’t need to disassemble the components, so standard U-bolt vent clamps are often used by people. Can prevent exhaust gas and noise leakage. It is removable and reusable.

Exhaust clamps

The lap joint band clamp are also popular in exhaust pipe clamps, which can evenly distribute the tensile force at 360 degrees to prevent the pipeline from deforming and at the same time form a seal around the connected exhaust components. The middle part of it can clearly see that the thickness of the two ends is different, that is, when two pipes are connected, one pipe is installed inside the other pipe, it only needs a band to clamp the exhaust pipe, and the appearance is more beautiful but slightly less flexible. If two exhaust pipes are of the same thickness butt joint, you can use butt joint band clamp. It has the same inner diameter and no tapered edge. It has enough width or contact area to connect the pipes.

lap joint band clamp&butt joint band clamp

U-shaped bolts have a smaller contact area, strong tightening force, and repairable. The standard-duty exhaust clamp is designed to be detachable and can repair vehicle components near the muffler without damaging the vehicle's exhaust system. The tightening force of the lap joint band clamp provides the necessary wider band. When there is water in the exhaust pipe connecting the two pipes, the contact area of the lap joint band clamp is larger and it is easy to accumulate water and cause the exhaust pipe to rust.

To create a 360-degree mechanical seal, use two traditional pipe saddle clamps at opposing directions on the connection. Creates seal and prevents component separation by partially deforming pipe.

Kingsun exhaust clamps are used in different applications to meet the needs of today's cars. These clamps are made of high-quality steel, which is durable and has a long service life. Our exhaust clamps are tightly sealed. If you need different types and sizes of exhaust pipe clamps, please contact us!