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What is the DIN3017 hose clamp?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-04      Origin: Site

NINGBO KINGSUN HOSE CLAMP is a high-quality fastener manufacturer. The factory has more than 20 years of experience in fastener production. The fasteners produced are alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other materials. The factory uses full production equipment and international and domestic first-class The raw materials and products of the steel mill are produced strictly in accordance with the iso9001 international quality control system. While producing standard products, non-standard products can be processed according to customer requirements. With years of experience in the production of hose clamps, the high quality and high quality of hose clamps are guaranteed. Whether it is now or in the future, NINGBO KINGSUN HOSE CLAMP will continue to maintain high-quality products and high-quality services. High-quality hose clamp fasteners are produced in strict accordance with international standards. Product standards include GB (Chinese Standard), SAE J1508, DIN (German Standard), BS (British Standard), and other standards.

For example, the German type hose clamp is a standard DIN3017 hose clamp. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard covers 32 types of fixtures, which are the most common and suitable for OEM coolant, fuel, oil, vacuum and exhaust systems.

What is the DIN3017 hose clamp?

Deutsches Institut fur Normung is abbreviated as DIN. DIN is the standardization authority in Germany and participates in international and regional non-governmental standardization agencies as a national standardization agency. The DIN mark is the mark of the German Standards Committee for the safety and quality certification of electrical and non-electrical products. DIN logo certification is the internationally renowned DIN (German Standards Association) as the brand logo. The harmonization of DIN mark certification and CB Scheme, and its functional improvements, enable it to surpass today's services and provide our customers with a more effective and trustworthy certification mark.

The DIN certificate represents that the product complies with DIN (German National Standard), DIN EN (Unified European Union Standard), DIN EN ISO (International Standard Organization Standard) and other product safety-related standards. DIN mark certification can help you successfully enter the growing and increasingly competitive electronic parts market. By marking the DIN logo on your products, you can enjoy the various benefits of the famous DIN.

DIN3017 is the formulation standard for hose clamps, for example, DIN508 is the formulation standard for T-slot nuts.

DIN3017 has specific subdivision standards according to different types of hose clamps. The standard includes the specification of the width range of the throat hoop steel belt, the static starting torque AD value, the static nominal torque PD value, the strip tension value and other parameter ranges. Specify the range of surface thickness of parts made of W1, W2 and other materials. There are requirements for tightening scope and technical processing.

According to the requirements for materials in the DIN3017 1998-5 standard, there are detailed distinctions. The worm part steel of the W1 hose clamp can be selected by the manufacturer, and the minimum tensile strength of the strip steel is 400N/mm². w2 hose clamp steel with material number 1.4016 according to DIN EN 10088-2 or stainless steel with the same properties. W3 hose clamp steel with material number 1.4016 according to DIN EN 10088-2 or stainless steel with the same properties. W4 hose clamp steel with material number 1.4401/1.4436/1.4571 according to DIN EN 10088-2 or stainless steel with the same properties. The steel should be suitable for seawater and not easily magnetized.

The surface coating of DIN3017 hose clamp is, for example, hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN 10142, with a coating thickness of 15μm, or according to DIN 50961, with a minimum coating thickness of 8μm. The remaining parts are electro-galvanized according to DIN 50961 with a minimum thickness of 8μm.

The head shape of the worm bolt of the DIN3017 hose clamp, W1 hose clamp, and W2 hose clamp has a hexagonal head with a straight groove and a hexagonal head with a combined cross groove. W3 hose clamp, W4 hose clamp, and W5 hose clamp only have a hexagonal head with a straight groove. When the width of the steel strip is 5 mm, the cylindrical head has a straight groove or the hexagonal head has a cross groove.

Our hose clamps not only strictly follow the German fastener standards, but also produce international standards such as IOS, British Standard BS, and SAE.