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What is v band exhaust hose clamps?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-30      Origin: Site

V-band exhaust hose clamps are actually composed of clamps and flanges, so they are also called V-band assemblies. They are an excellent choice for any exhaust or intake system. V-band hose clamp can be connected to all flange joints, and its performance has been carefully designed.

Advantages of V-band exhaust hose clamps

The exhaust device can be fixed together by the rotation of only one bolt, no gasket is needed, and it can be used directly.

Reduce assembly costs, save time and easy to use. The installation is convenient and quick, the V-band hose clamp is convenient and reusable, which can realize long-term durability.

Ideal for applications that require frequent cleaning, inspection or replacement of internal components.

The higher the temperature, the better the sealing. Once the male and female heads are tight and the clamps are firm and tightened correctly, it is well known that steel will expand when it gets hot. Compared to cold weather, this will make the joint tighter and help prevent leakage.

Smaller size reduces weight and improves appearance. V-belts are more beautiful than flanges.

How does the V-band exhaust hose clamps work?

Their main job is to connect pipes, pipes and other enclosures. Designed for various automotive, industrial and marine applications. The most adaptable and reliable way that can be used for turbochargers, wastegates, bleed valves, exhaust, etc., to combine your exhaust pipe components is to use V-belt kits. With the V-type kit, you can install and replace exhaust parts without any difficulty, and maintain the durability and strength of the exhaust device.

Although they have many different configurations and styles, the cross-sectional view of the flange joint shows how the part of the coupling that wedges the flanges together is sealed. The strength of the coupling partly depends on the thickness of the cage, the band and material of the flange.

V-band clamps

The cross-sectional view of the coupling shows how the "V" band design of the clamp exerts clamping force during the wedging operation. When the torque is applied to the tightening nut, the radial force acts evenly on the flange of the coupling around.

When torque is applied to the coupling nut, the positioner applies an inward radial force, pressing the flanges together. Unlike bolted flanges, the retainer applies a uniform and equal closing force on the entire circumference of the flange during and after tightening.

Once tightened, the friction between the flange and the V-band retainer actually helps to reduce the load on the bolt and clamp.

Our v-band clamp assemblies have T-bolts and can be used for flange joint connections in demanding environments. It can provide high-strength joints with reliable sealing integrity in various applications. Very suitable for racers and tuners, all our fixtures are equipped with fully heat-proof steel locknuts, because no difficult bolts or special tools are needed, so it is easy to clamp and unload parts with V-belt exhaust hose, and it is easy to access Important parts. The components can be easily removed by simply loosening the clamp. V-band exhaust hose clamps can be removed. V-band exhaust hose clamps can be used repeatedly.