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Worm Gear Hose Clamps-Stainless Steel Worm Gear Clamps

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-14      Origin: Site

Worm gear hose clamps are sometimes called worm drive hose clamps and are suitable for all types of hoses.

The function of the worm gear hose clamps

Stainless steel worm drive hose clamps are equipment used to connect hoses and seal fittings

Common hose clamp materials are steel, galvanized surface (usually called galvanized steel), and other materials such as stainless steel. Worm gear hose clamps are metal straps with worm drive screws and threads. The clip is unscrewed with the help of a screwdriver and can be used to fix the PVC hose to a fixed socket. Often used for pipe connections in coolant systems. As stainless steel can adapt to more environments, we recommend using stainless steel worm gear clamps. We provide stainless steel worm gear clamps in many types of materials. From carbon steel to marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Simple operation without technical requirements

When used, the operation is simple and convenient, and no professional skills are required. For most users, the first condition to be measured when purchasing a hose clamp is in the order of the clamp. Nowadays, with the continuous development of Shunfa's universal clamp technology, our hose clamp products have been widely used in our daily lives and can be easily installed without professional skills.

Worm gear hose clamps are suitable for various fasteners for connecting soft and hard pipes over 30mm, including torsional strength and compressive strength, balance torque of hose clamps, firm locking, tightness, and large adjustment range.

Worm drive hose clamps are an excellent choice for automobiles, etc. 

Open the hood on the car, and you will see intricate pipes. Therefore, the space for installing the hose clamp is one of the important factors.

Worm drive hose clamps are suitable for narrow spaces

When spring clamps are used on pipelines such as automobile engines, it is difficult to penetrate the tools into the interior when using clamp tools. The stainless steel worm drive hose clamps are not easy to slip off and can be easily penetrated into any part by using a screwdriver tool, easily tightened, and easily fixed in place. And get enough fastening force.

Compared with spring clamps, stainless steel worm gear clamps allow you to place it in the correct position very slowly and even adjust the position according to your needs during the tightening process. Everything is perfect.

Unlike standard stainless steel worm gear clamps, there is also a quick-release hose clamp. It is also very suitable for narrow spaces. These quick-release worm drive retaining clips have been passed through. This allows them to be tightened to a greater degree than standard clamps. They provide a solution that is faster to install and can be reshaped to solve the special shape constraints of your work. They have a larger size range. The quick-release worm drive can be manually opened or closed, and can be reused. If needed, you can even chain two or more clips together.

quick release clamps

Security of uninstallation

When the spring clamp is used on a thicker pipe, the spring clamp is in a state of great tension. When you are about to remove the spring clamp, when the spring clamp is removed, it is easy to cause the spring clamp to fly because the clamp is a little loose. out. Of course, you can also choose a pneumatic hose clamp tool to avoid this problem, but this is obviously not an economical choice.

Worm gear hose clamps are cheap and have many advantages. These advantages should pay attention to make up for its shortcomings. When you can use it correctly, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Classification of hose clamps

1.2band 5.16band

American worm gear hose clamp

American worm gear hose clamps are generally regarded as conventional hose clamps and are the most widely used universal hose clamps. American worm gear hose clamps are generally used in vehicles, bulldozers, cranes and ships, and other transportation tools. The biggest feature is that there are holes in the steel wire. In these vehicles, friction must be considered first. The rectangular hole groove on the steel belt has stronger bite force and accuracy, and the torque is larger than the German hose clamp. Perforated design, with greater friction.

Common sizes are 1/2" Band Width Clamps, 5/16" Band Width Clamps (mini Clamps), 9/16" Band Width Clamps.


British worm gear hose clamp

It solves the problem of liquid and gas leakage caused by dead angles when connecting small diameter soft and hard pipes with ordinary hose clamps. British worm gear hose clamps are usually used in the chemical industry and agricultural manufacturing, with a wide range of applications and low cost. This demand is the most suitable demand for the factory. The smooth inner profile and rolled edges of the strip provide optimal protection for all types of hoses, including soft hoses made of rubber or silicone. The inner ring of the hose band is smooth and will not cut the flexible hose.

German worm gear hose clamp

German worm gear hose clamp

The main difference between the German hose clamp and the American hose clamp is that it is not perforated. The non-porous and flanging design can protect the surface of the hose from damage. With the American worm gear hose clamp, it provides a higher clamping force with a smaller torque.

Balanced torque and uniform pressure can provide a stable and safe tightening effect; the disadvantage is that the lower part of the worm is a dead angle, which is prone to leakage. Piping minimizes hose wear.

Usually used in the automotive industry, white goods, industry, mining, maritime and other industries, especially the connection of hoses. The corresponding materials can be selected according to the actual application environment. The maintenance, decoration, or maintenance details of the sewers all use German worm gear hose clamps because of their good quality and strong resistance to pressure.