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A Guide to Help You Make Right Selection of Hose Clamps for Secured Tubal Fittings

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-07      Origin: Site

Finding the right silicone hose does not get your job done unless you also find the right design of hose clamps too. Finding hose clamps for a particular purpose feels like finding rice grains from the sand because there are so many varieties of hose clamps available in the market.

If you want to order manufacturing of a customized hose clamp design with particular specifications, Ningbo Kingsun hose clamps manufacturers located in China are your best bet. They already have a wide range of hose clamps in their catalog and they can produce hose clamps in manufacturing quantities as per client specifications as well. All high-quality hose clamps produced here are exported to the USA, Europe, and many other Asian countries.

Types of hose clamps

Every design of hose clamps is targeted for specific applications and finding the right one is important to accomplish the job perfectly. Some of the major types of hose clamps that you may come across are:

Worm gear clamps made of stainless steel:

  • Also known as Jubilee clamps, the galvanized zinc coating on the clamping surface makes them corrosion resistant.

  • This is why these clamps are used in large industrial and agricultural applications.

  • When your tubing is more than 1/2” in size, steel bands with a screw-on one end fit perfectly.

  • These bands are reusable and only need a screwdriver to put them in place.

  • However, these clamps can loosen over time and can also cause tubal distortion.

T-bolt clamps:

  • These are reusable clamps that can provide 360-degree tension to prevent distortion of the hose.

  • Also known as racing clamps, these are a little expensive than other types and may lose some tension over time.

  • However, this loss of tension does not cause tubing distortions.

Ear hose clamps:

  • This band has one or multiple ears which are closed to provide a tight connection with the hose fitting.

  • These are permanent leak-proof clamps.

  • They can be applied in high-pressure areas, but are not reusable.

Quick-release clamps:

  • These are much like worm-type clamps with an additional pivoting worm screw.

  • This makes the installation of these clamps relatively quick and simple.

  • These are reusable and allow for frequent adjustments.

Spring clamps:

  • These clamps need pliers to tighten them.

  • These can spring back and are used with coolant hoses for engines.

  • They provide constant tension to the fittings even if fittings contract or expand due to temperature fluctuations.

Wire clamps:

These are thin wire-like clamps that are used for low-pressure applications.

Wire clamps are also used for fittings that are located in places that are hard to reach.

After you have chosen the right type of clamp for your purpose, determine the size with the calipers to ensure that they snugly fit onto the desired tube. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fitting the clamp for securely placing the clamp to its position.

Apart from making the right purchase for the hose clamps, you must also buy pincers for hand installation of the hose clamps and their future maintenance as well.