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Thumb Screw Clamps

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-18      Origin: Site

China professional thumb screw clamps manufacturer, professionally provide thumb screw clamps.

Thumb screw hose clamps are generally divided into two categories, American thumb screw hose clamps and German thumb screw hose clamps. The main difference between them is that the American steel belt has holes with threads on it, but the German steel belt is indeed concave and convex.

 thumb screw clamps

The hose band of the German type wing screw clamp adopts a convex-concave design on the inside, and the sides are pressed. It has a better fixing effect on the hose and prevents the hose from falling off or retreating. It has a protective effect on the hose, and the edge of the hose band will not cut human hands. Large torque and small footprint, strong and durable. The German-style wing screw clamps with handle has a crimped and non-perforated design that helps prevent scratches on the surface of the hose during installation, thereby protecting the gas or liquid in the pipe from leaking.

The American handle hose clamp adopts through-hole technology, which is more securely locked. The through holes are even and smooth, and will not cut the hose and scratch your fingers.

handle hose clamp

Product details

  • It is processed with high-quality raw materials and is food-grade 316 stainless steel, which can be used in medical equipment and food machinery. There are also 300 stainless steel, carbon steel and can provide surface protective coating such as galvanized coating. Not easy to rust, safe and durable.

  • Hose clamp with thumb screw, without any auxiliary tools such as wrenches, simple operation, convenient and quick installation. The strap of the handle type hose clamp is polished and the strap is smooth.

  • The strap can be pulled out and unfolded, making it easy to put on any form of hose. With the rotation of the wrench, the key-type adjustable hose clamps can be enlarged and reduced. The size can be adjusted freely and can be reused.

  • The key-type adjustable hose clamps is made of high-quality stainless steel, is acid and alkali resistant, does not rust, and the plastic handle is very comfortable, suitable for frequent disassembly and assembly.

  • Provide multiple sizes and support customization. Large adjustment range.

The parts are made of high-quality materials, the friction of the worm is small, and the force is even and there is no dead angle. Large torque and small footprint, easy to assemble in a small space. The design of the inner and outer interfaces is scientific and reasonable, with strong bite force and good sealing.

thumb screw clamps

The size of the key-type adjustable hose clamps is calculated by diameter, such as 10-16MM, which means that it can be used on pipes with a maximum outer diameter of 16mm and a minimum outer diameter of 10mm.

The main purpose of thumb screw clamps

It is mainly used for the interface of oil, gas, liquid and hose on automobile manufacturing, ships, sprinklers, gasoline engines, diesel engines and other mechanical equipment, as well as construction, fire protection, hose matching, communication equipment, communication equipment, decoration, construction hardware, Various industries such as medical equipment.

Application scenario

Application scenario